Azienda Agricola Muzzolon Simone

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The beautiful tavern where Simone Muzzolon shows his wines and receives his
guests talks about three generation of wine tradition, history and patrimony of
this farm located at the foot of the Euganean Hills. The old white and black
photos on the walls are evidence of 60 years of work and devotion to land;
qualities which are still present today. The farm is of about 15 hectares
dedicated to wines, with a production which prefers quality instead of
quantity, as the owner likes to emphasizes. In fact most of the wines produced
from this farm have the mark D.O.C. and I.G.T., both of them are guarantee of
quality. They come from selected vines subjected to strict treatments; wines
are appreciated for their taste and flavour which is well adapted to every kind
of requirement. Attention to guest and product care are two distinctive marks
of this farm, testified by cordiality with guests, the results obtained with
the product variety, the beautiful wine exhibition in the nice tavern and the
elegance of the bottle labels.

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